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As water fills your lungs, it's emotion that you drown.
When your body lays limp, mouth in permanent frown.
They claw at your soul, those monsters you forgot,
The ones you let take over when you became what you are not.
:iconpiercetmaydaywsirens:PierceTMaydayWSirens 1 3
-insert title here-
When there's nothing left, just your demons and the night,
do you choose to flee, or do you stay to fight?
Your lungs begin to burn, and your heart just loves to ache,
with a blade in hand, it's your wrists that you forsake.
Tears will come again, with screams that are overdue,
suicide's an option but you never follow through.
:iconpiercetmaydaywsirens:PierceTMaydayWSirens 0 0
"Let's face it, Daniel. We're lost and your awesome scout powers aren't going to help us find a way out." Chelsea mocked, pointing the flashlight straight in his eyes. She was the one who suggested we come out here and look for the man with no eyes, nose or mouth. She was the one who researched him for days and read us stories of those who had supposedly escaped his grasp. I wanted to shout all of this in her face but I wasn't prepared for the harsh statements and sarcasm I'd receive in return.
"Ruth, c'mon. You can't seriously think we're going to be able to find our way home with this retard sniffing twigs and rubbing dirt between his fingers." I didn't know how to respond. I shrugged and she sighed loudly.
"You don't need to put up with that, you know, Ruth. She might think she owns you but she doesn't. Do whatever you want, Chelsea, but don't you dare force her into it." Daniel retorted.
I could tell he knew that what we had been refusing to accept for hours had become reality. He
:iconpiercetmaydaywsirens:PierceTMaydayWSirens 1 0
The World Behind Closed Doors - Chapter 3
Grey closed the door to her small bedroom without a sound. There was no telling what mood her father would be in tonight. I followed her to the single bed covered in a bedspread that would've catered for an eight year old girl. The mermaids on it were faded with age and years of washing. Blood stains on it left stories she chose not to remember. Her head fell into the matching pillow, her hair serving as a curtain to protect her from monsters only she knew existed. She wrapped her thin and severely bruised arms around herself.
Something below the room startled her and she sat up straight.
"Bad mood," Grey guessed, her body aching already. She bounded down the stairs, two at a time and found her father in the kitchen, a bottle of Whiskey shattered on the floor.
"Grey, my girl. Help your silly old dad out, won't you?" He spoke with a voice that was calming and sweet. A voice that didn't belong to him.
"Of course, Daddy." She spoke edgily, the smallest thing could set him off in a second
:iconpiercetmaydaywsirens:PierceTMaydayWSirens 2 3
The World Behind Closed Doors - Chapter 2
She looked so sad, curled up in a ball, an overwhelming sense of protection engrossed me. What could I do, go comfort a stranger or leave her to wallow in her own miseries. The decision was taken away from me as she looked around the room.
"Is someone there?" I heard her whisper from the corner of the room, her chin on her knees. I could tell she was afraid he would return.
"It's me." I whispered back, her face was twisted in confusion.
"Where are you? Are you in one of the stalls?" Before I could answer, three other girls burst through the door. They spoke excitedly about an upcoming event, I already knew that this girl would not be attending. She never seemed like the type of girl to go to any sort of party, even before her dramatic change. The girls suddenly noticed her still crouched on the floor and gave her a sympathetic look.
"Oh, didn't see you there." The tallest girl sneered. A look that implied that the still crying girl was nothing more than a waste of space.
I watched the
:iconpiercetmaydaywsirens:PierceTMaydayWSirens 3 5
Untitled 2
The hair on the back of his neck stood on end. His cheeks started to flush, a deep red tearing to reach the surface of his skin. As her lips brushed his, his arms automatically wrapped around her waist and embraced her as the scent of her hair filled his every thought. Memories of times like these surrounded him now, his head pressed to the pillow and the tears streaming down his face. He couldn't escape the fact that she was gone, now. The fact that her captivating smile no longer existed, her lips permanently frozen into a straight line.
:iconpiercetmaydaywsirens:PierceTMaydayWSirens 1 1
The World Behind Closed Doors - Chapter 1
She slipped into the back of the room, tucking her brightly dyed red hair behind her ear to expose the three neat rings in her cartilage. Her face was unusually pale with her green eyes like forests or even portals into the abyss of her soul. She sighed, her thin frame threatening to shatter under the pressure of un-exhaled air. This wasn't the first time I had noticed her, nor was it the last.
Her long fingers brushed over the uniform that had become much too large for her, it hung loosely against her and was badly creased. She sighed again, this time her ribs nearly piercing her sure-to-be colourless lungs. The bell rang and the room emptied in a rush, not one person wanting to make contact with her sickening presence. Mr. Reynolds scanned the room to make sure no-one had stayed behind unnoticed. I watched from behind one of the concrete columns outside the room, a window near me serving as a gateway into the world behind doors. He brushed her shoulder and I saw her flinch away befor
:iconpiercetmaydaywsirens:PierceTMaydayWSirens 8 10


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